October 6, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed away. The founder of Apple died yesterday at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs passed away gestorben tot Apple Logo fallen leaves autum computer

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. 

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories and condolences, please email rememberingsteve@apple.com" (Statement on apple.com)

My wife's MacBook seemed to have known what happened as it did not wake up again today. This is really a sad day.

I am interested in Apple since the time Steve Jobs returned to the company in the late 90s, for this was also the time I bought my first computer, an Apple G3 PowerMac. Since that time, I made it a habit to check out the latest news on apple in the morning. Today, this were bad news.

Steve Jobs made Apple a company with no compromise, creating such beautiful devices like the iMac, the Macbook Air and the iPhone. And since those things are part of my daily life, he kind of changed my life, too. With him an era has ended. I wish that apple is going to continue what he started, in his senses.

One more thing? Never again. Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.